We know that repairs, and equipment down-time can be extremely inconvenient and costly. Preventive maintenance is vital to the extended life of the system as well as the performance and energy efficiency. Keeping the system maintained eliminates many possible problems before they occur, as approximately 85% of systems failures are maintenance related issues that could have been prevented had the systems been properly maintained.
We offer an annual program where we go out twice per year to your home or business and perform a maintenance tune-up on your heating and cooling systems. Included in the annual agreement are two maintenance visits. If we are needed between maintenance visits, you will be given priority service over non-service agreement customers, and there will be a 15% discount on repairs and services for participating in our Energy Savings Plan.
  • Clean condenser and evaporator coils, pull and clean blower wheels as needed. Replace client supplied air filters.
  • Check and measure refrigerant charge and performance.
  • Clean and purge equipment drain lines.
  • Check and test electrical components, motor, etc.
  • Test all equipment functions for proper operation.
  • For gas appliances, pull and clean burners as needed, clean and test flame sensor, ignition controls, etc.
  • Measure and configure air to fuel ratio, fan speed for proper CFM and temperature rise.
  • Includes complete maintenance on heating and cooling systems, as well as discounted repairs and service should they be needed between visits, therefore we will always work for a discounted rate.
  • Priority scheduling is also included where as a contract customer, we make sure to provide fast service to you as a priority customer.
Air filters for HVAC are typically billed separately and we encourage clients to purchase a case and leave them on site so that we can replace them upon our visits, because we have so many contract customers with hundreds of different filter sizes and it is almost impossible to keep up with all the filter sizes.
If a defective part is found, which is not included within the maintenance, the client is made aware and can make a decision whether to replace the part at a discounted rate or leave it and re-address the situation at a future visit.
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